"The dark is brighter than a thousand midday suns..."


N Human(Shadow)Female Rogue 3/Swashbuckler 3/Barbarian 1/Swordsage 10

This build effectively ties Jaedennar to the theme of shadows. Rogue levels have laid the groundwork for her role as the party skill monkey. Swashbuckler and Barbarian both improve her ability in combat. Finally Swordsage provides her with the ability to position herself and rain brutal death amongst her enemies from the darkness.

Her alignment is considered Neutral because of a careful balance between overt acts of good and her deepest motivations towards causing despair and loss.

Jaedennar’s faith has remained a mystery for her fellow adventurers. Initally it seemed she followed Mask, but this facade was quickly abandoned. Since that time, many groups and individuals have speculated as to who she may really serve. Some argue Cyric, citing blatant acts of murder and terror; others are sure she has thrown her lot in with an infernal power. Few even consider that she secretly works with the Church of the dead god Myrkul.


Jaedennar can recall little of her childhood. Her earliest memories are of growing up in a crowded orphanage in the Sembian city of Saerloon. Whilst Jaedennar was well cared for, she experienced no love or compassion from her carers. Their cold and distant nature resulted in little real enjoyment during these first years. Jaedennar often comments on this time as “having produced no bad memories, but no particularly good ones either.”


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