Scholar to naturalist. Naturalist to savage. Savage to abomination. Abomination to nothing.




little light, lead us through the night
and if we die, burn down the forest
chariots, carry us
distances we don’t care to walk

I’m on my way out

why doesn’t anyone I know sleep?
are they all just scared of their dreams?
when they lay their heads down at night
what are they haunted by?

why won’t anyone just close their eyes?
could it hurt them to rest for a while?
do they need their friends to be a lover?
or a lover to be a friend?

because I’m on my way out
well, I’ve tried
God knows that I’ve tried
I’m on my way out
one time, two times
three times again

sitting duck, running out of luck
our car’s stuck on the train crossing

how am I ever gonna know peace?
how will I ever see your light through the trees?
I want to burn down everything we’ve begun
I want to kill and eat my young

I’m not sure what happened. But I did something terrible, once. I used to regret it every day. Then one day I stopped feeling regret.
I stopped feeling anger.
Stopped feeling hate.
Stopped feeling joy, love, sorrow, pain
Stopped caring.

I need to know there is still something worth caring about.


In the Wake of Legends Shannon_Moriah