In the Wake of Legends

The Twisted Run

Four Friends and One Mysterious Stranger Unite to Stop a Lycanthropic Battalion

Faerun’s Northlands have always been a dangerous frontier. The frozen woods and treacherous mountains are home to orcs, trolls,lycanthropes, and worse. When the High Lady of the Silver Marches brought the northern nations together, the Beastlord Malar could no longer watch as his wilderness slowly became civilized. The god called upon his most worthy follower, the barbarian anth-Malar, and suffused him with his divine essence. Anth-Malar wasted no time in using his newfound power to bring devastation and chaos to all who defile the wilderness.

The story begins with our protagonists awakening in unfamiliar surroundings, some having been plagued with vivid nightmares. Three months had passed since their last adventure, which involved trekking through a dead magic zone that covered most of the Anauroch desert and stopping the sinister alliance of the Mistress of Night, Shar and the cowardly backstabber, Cyric.



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